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Andre Greipel: “I believe in myself”- TDF 4
Le 9 July 2019

The Arkea-Samsic team worked very well to set up Andre Greipel for the second bunch sprint of the Tour de France in Nancy.

While the German could not be satisfied with this 12th place, the way the day went was very reassuring for the whole team.

Andre Greipel: “My team mates did their best, I did not struggle on the climb, they stayed around me, but unfortunately I did not find the opening for my sprint. I’m 12th, a top 15 is not what I came for on the Tour de France. It’s a shame because the legs are good and I’m not going to have many opportunities to prove it. I’m gonna fight until Paris, I believe in myself.”

  Florian Vachon : “It was a very fast finale with a chaotic sprint. I feared I would crash because I already hit the deck once midway through the stage. One crash is already one too many. I wasn’t going fast when I crashed but I was a little shaken, we were still far from the finish and the legs were fine. I was soon back in business, I know what I’m on the Tour for.

There are not may sprint opportunities many and with Kevin Ledanois we have to be sheperd Andre Greipel so I did my job as well as I could. There was no question of not doing it 100%. These are stressful, adrenaline-boosting finales with fast curves. We must take calculated risks.”

Yvon Ledanois – sports director : “When you are 12th in a Tour de France bunch sprint being in the mix, it means you can also end up fifth! Maybe you also have to fight more for your position to get the right wheel. The team did a really good job for their sprinter and at the end of the day he showed up. Florian Vachon and Kevin Ledanois were still with him when we entered the last kilometre, which is good given the fact it was a tricky finale. We can’t blame anyone tonight. We must continue to work like that and the collective work will pay off one day. Do not forget either that we are not a World Tour team with four dedicated riders for the sprinter, but we are here! Tomorrow, the fifth stage to Colmar is far from easy and we will see perhaps the first successful breakaway. The climbs are not too difficult but the tension is hight after four stages, and some riders will need to catch their breath, physically, and mentally. It will also be on the eve of the first mountain stage so the GC guys will observe each other. There will be room for attackers.”