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Classic de l’Ardeche. Bruises for Warren Barguil. 
Le 2 March 2019

Warren Barguil, then in the top 10 ahead of the penultimate climb, could not escape a crash when a rider fell just in front of him. He sustained he hematomas on his left iliac crest and bruises on his left side. He will however be at the start of the Drome Classic tomorrow.

Roger Trehin : « Warren escapes wit hematomas and bruises.  I thing serious. He did not finish the race. When he crashed there was still a 20-km loop with two climbs but it was over for him. It was safer to get back to the bus that was parked 10 km from there. The strategy was to put Wawa in a good position at the foot of that key climb. He was well placed with team mates around him.. and then he crashed. Today and in this configuration Warren was our only card, he was the one supposed to battle it out with the best. We are very disappointed because we we expecting a lot from this race. Warren was starting to feel good. We will never know if today he was good or super good. It’s cliché but “tomorrow is another day”. Warren will be at the start and fresh riders are coming in with Elie, Pipich and Max Bouet. We will try to take our revenge.

Warren Barguil : « I’m ok but I’m very very disappointed. The whole team did a great job all day for me. They took the wind to make sure i would be well positioned st the foot of the penultimate climb. Everybody gave everything, I started to feel good, to feel the same way I was feeling in Mallorca and a rider who was in Romain Bardet’s wheel crashed right in front of me and I could not avoid him. He took me down with him and that dashed my hopes of a good result. It’s so frustrating l. I have hematomas, bruises on my left side and on the same hip I broke in 2017… but tomorrow I’ll be fighting again.”