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Connor Swift: “I’m a patient and determined person.”
Le 8 May 2020
Connor Swift Paris-Nice stage
Credit photos Bettini

An important rider both for Nairo Quintana on the roads to Paris-Nice, and alongside Nacer Bouhanni for the sprints, Connor Swift, former British Road Champion, answered our questions for a short interview. Answers.


Your main character trait ?

“Positive attitude, patience and determination”


What you like best about your friends ?

“For my friends I like to have a good laugh and catch up when I am not racing. Maybe some table tennis or mountain biking, cyclocross fun”.


Its main fault ?

“Not always fully resting on a recovery day! I like to keep myself busy!”


Favourite occupation ?

“Occupation, very lucky and grateful to be doing my favourite job of a professional athlete. Outside of sports I would choose something active”.


Dream of happiness ?

“To keep riding my bike as long as I can and have a successful career”


What you would like to be ?

“ I’am already what I would like to be! Away from cycling maybe I would like to be a formula 1 driver”


Favorite colour ?

“ Blue “


The favorite part of the day ?

“The morning !”


Favorite animal ?



Hero or heroine to inspire you ?

“Lots of people inspire me ! In particular people that rise from the bottom to the top and show anything is possible”


What you hate more than anything else ?

“ When I have misplaced something and can’t find where I put it!”


The gift of nature that you wish you had ?

“ Time travel”


What does the quarantine change for you and what do you expect next ?

“I think it shows the importance of hygiene especially in public places, I will definitely be more aware of this. You will also appreciate all the little things you normally take for granted”.


What music do you listen to and what do you like on TV ?

 “I like any dance/ trance music and any good Netflix series !”


Your motto ?

« Believe in yourself »