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Dan McLay: “A team victory”
Le 2 October 2020

Dan McLay has come to Portugal and succeeded in taking the 11th victory for the Arkéa-Samsic team, after having won a sprint where he had been beautifully set up by Christophe Noppe.


Dan McLay


“We had Anthony in the breakaway for the day which gave us a good amount of tranquility. The little bit of stress we did have had to do with the wind which at one time was blowing from the side, but in the end that did not change how the stage played out a lot. The whole team protected me well and I only had one hundred and twenty-five meters to do alone! The victory is really as much for the team as it is for me. This year has been a bit special, as it was the first season since I turned pro that I had not won a race. I don’t want to forget anyone who helped with this success, Romain Le Roux and Alan Riou rode for me all during the stage, Matis did the same in the final. Bram also protected me well on the way to the finish line, and Christophe did the last 500 meters in an incredible way. We now have two more stages that will hopefully be for the sprinters at this 2020 Tour of Portugal.”



Christophe Noppe


“We knew the last five kilometers were technical, with very narrow roads. The whole team at that point was gathered around Dan. We had a lot of confidence in him, on the last two kilometers which were uphill, or even a little more, Matis took a very long stint at the front. I took the lead with 450 meters to go making sure Dan was on my wheel, and started the sprint for him there. We were still on an uphill stretch of the road. Dan kicked with about 150 meters to go to the line, and he won by a nice amount. We did a really good job for the whole team, which was rewarded with this great victory. It’s a collective success.”


Roger Tréhin, Directeur Sportif for the Arkéa-Samsic Team


“For this stage, we wanted to put a rider in the break to save us from having to work behind. Anthony Delaplace managed to do exactly that which was perfect. We took over around 10km from the finish. Once again, I want to commend everyone’s great work. Matis Louvel did an extraordinary job with two kilometers to go, and then Christophe Noppe prepared things perfectly for Dan’s sprint, where he was able to finish everything off beautifully. Our hope was to leave this 2020 Tour of Portugal with at least one stage win, especially since the spirit and the cohesion within the team involved in this event are excellent among everyone, riders and members of the staff. The race really turned out how we imagined it would this morning in the briefing, and it’s just beautiful when that happens.”