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Dan McLay: “.”“Better not to have a motto, you might break it”
Le 2 June 2020

Our British sprinter gave us an interview. His answers

Your main character trait  ?

“Calm 95% of the time, the other 5% better not find out”

What you like best about your friends ?

 “Just to laugh and joke over a coffee or a beer”

Its main fault ?

“If you ask my girlfriend then it’s not putting my things away!”

Favourite occupation ?


Dream of happiness ?

 “Just to live happily and for me and my family to be healthy”

What you would like to be ?

“A pilot one day”.

Favourite colour ?

 “Dark green

The favorite part of the day ?

“I prefer the night, asleep in my bed”

Favorite animal ?


Hero or heroine to inspire you ?

“When I was young my hero was Jonah Lomu”.

What you hate more than anything else?

“Being told the aircon will make me sick!”

The gift of nature that you wish you had ?

“In the race I always wish I was 15kg lighter!”

What life change for you last weeks and what do you expect next?

“It meant more time at home which was nice, probably it’s the longest I was in one place during the last 10 years. I hope we can get back to racing this year”.

What music do you listen to and what do you like on TV ?

 “I listen to a bit of everything from funk to rock, good music is good music. Right now i’m watching “white lines”

Your motto ?

“Better not to have a motto, you might break it”