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Double vertebra fracture for Warren Barguil
Le 11 March 2019

Following a crash in the second stage of Paris-Nice, Warren Barguil has been attended to by the race’s medical staff to be transferred to the Dourdan hospital where he underswent a scan that showed he suffered a double fracture in his second cervical vertrebra. Warren Barguil is being transferred to the Bicetre hospital tonight where a complementary check-up will be carried out.

Jean-Jacques Menuet (team doctor) : “A priori the fracture is stable and not complicated, but we will not take any risks, that is why Warren will be under surveillance overnight and a complementary check-up will be carried out. The general assessment ruled out other injuries despite the violence of the crash. We do not know yet when Warren will be able to get on the bike again. It’s a serious fracture, especially in that area but it could have been worse. Tonight we are cautious.”

Yvon Ledanois (sports director): “When you have a day like this where everything goes wrong, it’s tough. I don’t know how it happened for Warren but it happened at full speed. When he crashed I went to see him and I saw the race was over for him. I gave him a pat on the cheek to support him and I went back into the race. He’s our biggest concern tonight. It’s always hard to lose your leader but tomorrow we will have to bounce back. This morning he was super motivated, in great form, just like his team mates. Maxime Bouet also abandoned. He has knee pain, he is having an X-ray.”