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Lukasz Owsian: “ Cycling and than computer games”
Le 11 June 2020

Lukasz Owsian our polish rider’s have done an interview for us. Answers


What you like best about your friends ?

“My best friend must by honest, almost same like me we must spend time listen music and talking friend must be honest”

Favorite Occupation ?

“Cycling and than computer games”

Dream of happiness ?

“My dream be World Champion in cycling”

What do you like to be ?

“I would like to be very good cyclist with lot of wins”

Favorite colour ?

“My favorite colour is black”

Favorite part of day ?

“ When I’m Relax”

Favorite animal ?

“I like dogs and cats”

Hero or heroïne to inspire you ?

“The Punisher”

What do you hate more than anything else ?

“Double-faced person”

The gift of nature that you wish you had ?

“Fast body metabolism that I can eat everything and my weight is always the same”

What Life change for you last weeks and what do you expect next ?

“On this period sometimes I must train indoor and also take care more than usually about my family and myself. Now I just wait when races will start I’am hungry of races”

What music do you listen to and what do you like on TV ?

“I like lot of Linda music techno dupstep all king of remixes also sometimes rock. On tv I just looking for some good movie. If not I use tv for play computer games:)”