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Nacer Bouhanni chez Arkéa-Samsic
Le 2 October 2019


How are you approaching the 2020 season?

« I am very happy to race for Arkea-Samsic in the coming seasons. For me, it’s a new beginning. I will start the season as if I had never won anything. I did not ask to come with a specific staff or specific riders, I want to focus on myself, for the rest I trust the management of the team. »

Did you think about quitting cycling after two complicated seasons?

« I’ve had significant falls and disappointments over the course of my career, but cycling is my life. I am passionate ! I have been riding since I was 6. Riding brought me a lot, I could not give up. When I was doing well as a young rider I would head ‘Bouhanni has had results this year but next season we won’t hear about him anymore.’ I grew with that, it’s part of me. I respond to criticism on the bike, that’s what I do. »

What do you think about this image of a bad boy that you have? « I have character, I will not deny it but I think that it is the case for all top athletes. Over the years, I learn, I evolve, I made mistakes in my career — in the way I communicated or behaved — but I’m not a bad boy. At first glance I am rather reserved, even shy, yet I like the contact. I immediately had a good feeling with Emmanuel. It played a big part in my decision. »

What are your goals for the next season? « Some races make me dream: Milan-Sanremo, a stage on the Tour, but for now I just want to win. This year is the first year I haven’t won as a pro. I want to get back to my winning ways and grow with the team. »