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Nairo Quintana opts for Arkea-Samsic project
Le 2 September 2019

Team Arkea-Samsic is happy to unveil the signings of Nairo Quintana, Winner Anacona, Dayer Quintana and Diego Rosa for the seasons to come. In the continuity of its project, the outfit strengthens its squad to shine on the grands tours and perform on all terrains.

Emmanuel Hubert – general manager : “We are proud to welcome a great leader, Nairo Quintana, as well as three very good climbers, Winner Anacona, Dayer Quintana and Diego Rosa. On paper, our 28-man team will have nothing to fear against the best teams of the World Tour. Our goal is to win a grand tour within three seasons. The alliance of Nairo Quintana and Warren Barguil must be an extra asset for them. They need to use one another to improve. Nairo Quintana has several grand tour podiums to his name but I’m convinced that Warren Barguil has what it takes to be a GC contender – that’s where we want to take him. Around our two leaders we want to shape a solid group of climbers. I believe that the bonds you make at a camp or at training make the strength of a squad in competition. That’s why we will have a training camp in southern France dedicated to the great riders of our team. With the backing of two great sponsors, Arkea and Samsic, we want to be competitive on all terrains, which means be there in the sprints. We will make an announcement in mid-September. My goal is to build one of the most beautiful teams in the world. It will require rigour and professionalism at every level. We’re not a ‘little’ family team anymore, but we want the people to be at the heart of our project. I wish that all our riders and all my collaborators will be committed to the project, then success will be collective.”

Arkea Samsic to be happy

“Team Arkea Samsic has been improving year after year. I have been following their development, I got interested in their project and most of all I like their ideology. I think it’s a team in which human values are important, essential, even. I was looking for a team in which I was going to be happy. I think it’s the key to fully blossom professionally.”

Same ambitions

“My ambitions are the same. Personally, the goal is to fight for victory on the Tour de France. It’s a turning point in my career, a positive one, I’m sure. 
I’m going to adapt, learn some French, but the most important is that I’m going to continue doing what I love. When I ride my bike I’m happy and in peace. Together, we’re going to do our best with the Arkea-Samsic jersey.”

A team

“It’s an interesting squad. I already know Warren because we’ve been racing together since we were young. The management has chosen to recruit riders close to me. For me it’s important to be again with Dayer, Winner Anacona and Diego Rosa.
They’re like family. That’s our culture – we strive with our loved ones and we want to shine for our country. I don’t know Brittany’s culture yet but I’ve been told there were similarities. We’ll see that in the Winter. We’re coming to Brittany to give everything we have – our legs and our hearts.”

Dayer Quintana : “I’m very happy to join Team Arkea-Samsic for the upcoming season. I arrive with a lot of motivation. It’s an important change for me who was in an Italian team, and for the others. There will be an adaptation time but it will be short. We believe a lot in this project and we want to make it a success.”

Winner Anacona : “Nairo came to talk to me during the season and he told me: ‘we have the opportunity to race for Arkea-Samsic in the coming years and help the team grow with our experience, what do you think of this challenge?’. I liked the idea, I’m attracted by challenges. I’ve always wanted to be a professional bike rider, I worked hard and fought to fulfill my dream without knowing if I would succeed. I now want to enjoy all my years at the top. My big mission will be to help Nairo and the climbers to reach the team’s goals. Like everyone I like to win. I have personal ambitions and I hope to seize my opportunities.”

Diego Rosa : “I raced for three years in one of the world’s best teams. At Ineos, I learned a lot but I was just one rider among others. When I met Emmanuel Hubert he explained his project to me and he wanted me to be part of it, saying he trusted me. I will be a domestique on the grands tours but I want to become a classics rider again. I sometimes had the feeling I was doing a job while what I want is be part of the race.”