The team
Born 2nd January 1985 in Montluçon (Allier)
Lives with partner, 1 child (Loane)
Years of experience
His profile

Since joining the squad in 2010, Florian Vachon has become a mainstay of the team. He have raced in all five of our appearances in the Tour de France. He is a powerful, intuitive rider, formidable in a final push in a small group, attributes he demonstrated in winning Paris Bourges and the Classic Loire Atlantique in 2012, and the Classic Sud Ardèche in 2014. Competent on all types of terrain, Florian is a respected road captain, always there for his team-mates.

In his own three words: “Puncher, competitive, team player.” “

His palmares
2017 (Fortuneo Oscaro)
2016 (Fortuneo Vital Concept)
2015 (Bretagne-Séché Environnement)
2014 (Bretagne-Séché Environnement)
2013 (Bretagne-Séché Environnement)
2012 (Bretagne-Schuller)
2011 (Bretagne-Schuller)
2010 (Bretagne-Schuller)
2009 (Roubaix-Lille Métropole)
2008 (Roubaix-Lille Métropole)
7th Coppi-Bartali, 3rd Etape 5
6th Stage 2, Boucles de la Mayenne
11th Tour du poitou Charentes
13th Stage 11, 20th Stage 21 Tour de France
6th La Méditerranéenne
3rd Tro Bro Leon
86th Paris-Nice
82th Tour de Catalogne, 16th Stage 6
74th Flèche wallonne
6th Tro Bro Leon
8th Quatre Jours de Dunkerque, 19th Stage 1, 9th Stage 4.
8th Tour du Luxembourg, 9th Stage 2, 10th Stage 4
15th Ronde de l'Oise
13th French Championship CLM
88th Tour de France, 13th Stage 7 (Fougères), 10th Stage 15 (Valence), 31th Stage 18 (Saint-Jean de Maurienne)
2nd Tour de l'Ain, 11th Prologue, 2nd Stage 3, 3th Stage 4
4th Tour du Limousin, 7th Stage 2, 2nd Stage 3
38th GP Plouay
4th Championnat des Flandres
First World Team Selection at the World Championship, Online Race in Richmond, USA, Drop-Off at the Last 16 Circuit Lap
Winner Classic Sud Ardèche
106th Tour de France, 12e Stage 16 (Carcassonne-Luchon)
13th Tour du Limousin, 7e Stage 1
11th GP de Wallonnie
2nd Quatre jours de Dunkerque, 2è Étape 4
3rd Boucles de la Mayenne
4th GP de Wallonie
9th Tro Bro Léon
Winner Étape 1 Critérium International
Winner Paris-Bourges
Winner Classic Loire-Atlantique
9th Paris-Corrèze
2nd Stage 1 Mi-Août bretonne
3rd Ronde l’Oise
4th Stage 2 Critérium International
4th Polynormande
5th Stage 3 Tour de Picardie
Winner Stage 4 Circuit des Ardennes
Winner Tour du Finistère
Winner Étape 1 Route du Sud
2nd GP de Denain
5th Stage 2 Critérium International
5th Tro Bro Léon
7th GP de Cholet
7th Tour de Vendée
8th GP de la Somme
Winner Stage 3 Tour du Gévaudan
2nd Stage 1 Tour de Bretagne
4th Tour de Vendée
8th Tro Bro Léon
8th on line race, Mediterannean Games
Winner GP Izegem
2nd Stage 2 Ronde de l’Oise
6th Tour de Vendée
In 20 questions

Armstrong’s dominance.

It’s not always the strongest who wins.

It’s a good school of life. You have to fight to get what you want, and everything is possible.

Liège Bastogne-Liège, which I have never raced. Otherwise, the Tro Bro Leon.


Steven Tronet, Arnaud Gérard too.

Project manager in construction. Continuing my studies.

Music and hiking.




Quatre garçons plein d’avenir, and Inception.

No one famous.

My grandmother’s potato pâté.

A Ford Mustang from the 80s-90s.

I’m happy when I eventually retire.

A dynamic region full of generosity, with magnificent landscapes.

I don’t have one./p>