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Warren Barguil (4th) : “Good for morale”
Le 16 June 2019

Warren Barguil end the Critérium du Dauphiné on a very positive note. He took part in the breakaway and finished the eight stage in fourth place with a large smile on his face. Helped by his team mates during the whole week, the Arkea-Samsic team leader can look at the Tour de France with self-confidence.

Warren Barguil : “I said this morning that I wanted to be in front but it was not easy to get into the breakaway. I knew the first climb, I decided to wait because it was not hard enough. At the foot of the second, I was a bit too far back, I moved up the peloton and I gave everything to be in front. It was a first satisfaction. Then everything went well during the day. With 20km left, I got carried away and attacked, and then someone countered. I still miss that little kick to follow the two who jumped away. It’s frustrating because it was a good day. In the last ascent I did most of the work in our group, it shows that I’m well. It’s good. Tonight, I’m happy I’m there after everything I went through in the beginning of the season. On the Dauphine, I was bad on the TT but I managed to bounce back and I finished well. It’s always a pleasure to ride in the front with good sensations. I love being in front, see the crowd, it’s good for morale. I had said that I wanted to build up my form and that’s what I did. But I keep my feet on the ground, the Tour de France is still far down the road, a lot can happen. I’m where I want to be and I hope I’m gonna go crescendo.

Yvon Ledanois – sports director :”I enjoyed myself today but not just today. I saw an exemplary Arkea-Samsic team every day with riders fully involved in the race, working hard. A lot of World Tour teams ended the race with two or three riders, struggling, and we finished with six healthy guys. I’m happy to say that it means the guys worked well and were on target.  They are ready. Today, after what I had seen since Friday, I encouraged Arren Barguil to get into the breakaway. He is still lacking a bit of condition to win the stage but what he did is a good omen for July. In the finale, when Haig and Van Baarle went ahead, I told him ‘ride, give everything and don’t worry about the others’ and that’s exactly what he did. This kind of effort is going to pay off during the Tour de France. It’s been a long time I had not enjoyed a stage race so much. Our riders are dedicated and very professional.”