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Warren Barguil – Back to racing in Catalunya
Le 21 March 2019

Good news. After undergoing new exams today, Warren Barguil got the green light from team doctor Jean-Jacques Menuet to resume racing. “After a heavy crash in Paris-Nice, the diagnosis was that Warren Barguil had sustained a minor cervical sprain. To preserve the rider’s health, a new x-ray was carried out today (Thursday). Everything is perfectly back to normal and he can resume racing,” said Jean-Jacques Menuet. Warren Barguil will be at the start of the Tour of Catalunya on March 25.

Warren Barguil: “I am happy and relieved that everything is ok. I have been very well by Steven Coadic, one of the physiotherapists of the team. I recuperated quite quickly after my crash even if the first three days, because of the shock, I would sleep a lot. I received a lot of messages, I am humbled, and I wish to thank everybody. I have resumed training this week, without any pressure, just to get back into the groove. And tonight I got the green light from the doctor to get back to racing. I love the Tour of Catalunya but I know that physically, I will not be at 100 per cent next week. I just need to be back in the peloton quickly after leaving Paris-Nice prematurely. I am just happy that this incident is behind me.”