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No fracture but a whiplash injury for Warren Barguil 
Le 12 March 2019

Following his crash in the second stage of Paris-Nice on Tuesday, Warren Barguil was taken to the Dourdan hospital. A first scan showed a double fracture on the second cervical vertebra. He was last night transferred to a specialized unit in the Kremlin Bicetre hospital. The complementary checks this morning showed that Warren actually suffered a whiplash injury.

Pr Charles Court, head of the orthopedic service at Kremlin Bicetre hospital, speaking with Warren Barguil’s approval: “The loss of consciousness associated with the first scan that showed a possible cervical fracture led is to carry out deep complementary checks  this morning and the results were reassuring. Warren actually suffered a whiplash injury that need a 10-day immobilization with a neck brace before he has to undergo a routine X-Ray.

Team doctor Jean-Jacques Menuet : “I just talked to Pr Court. The news regarding Warren are very reassuring and that’s what matters. Medecine is an art and not an exact science, meaning it is sometimes hard to have an immediate diagnosis. That’s why complementary checks were necessary. A meeting of the medical staff featuring spine traumatology experts concluded that there was no fracture. Warren suffered a whiplash injury. It’s still a serious injury and all necessary precautions will be taken.”

Warren Barguil : “I had a big scare but today I’m ok. I lost consciousness in the crash and they did not want to take any risk yesterday that’s why I was taken to another hospital. The first assessment was really alarming. I am reassured by the last diagnosis but there is also a lot of frustration. I made a lot of sacrifices to come back to my best level and I thought luck would be on my side after last year. It’s a big disappointment. It’s hard to swallow but it could have been worse. I look forward to going back home to reassure my wife and my relatives.”