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Warren Barguil forced to rest after sustaining small pelvis fracture
Le 2 April 2019

Following his crash in the final stage of the Tour of Catalunya, Warren Barguil underwent a scan that revealed a small pelvis fracture. Warren Barguil will have to rest for about two weeks.

Jean-Jacques Menuet– team doctor:  « Warren sustained an undisplaced small fracture on the superior part of the iliac bone of the right hip. He will be back to training when the pain is gone. In 2017, he had sustained a complex fracture on the left side of his pelvis. This one is undisplaced.”

Warren Barguil : « I underwent an x-ray on Monday and a scan this morning, which showed an undisplaced fracture of the iliac bone. I’m a bit shocked because of the pain but it is bearable. I even managed to go to the airport after the race. I was limping but I thought it was just a pinch. I have to rest for about two weeks. It’s a setback from a sporting point of view. Before Paris-Nice I was feeling really well and I had the legs to have a good month of March. Two crashes have decided otherwise. On Sunday I got caught up in a massive crash, there was nothing I could do. It’s tough but there are more serious things in life. I still want to live my passion at 100 per cent. I thank my wife, my relatives who support me but also the fans. I will be patient and get back to training as soon as I can.”